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University of Lethbridge
Custom Desk and Shelves

Prototyping, Production Coordination with Printers, Custom Painting

The Brief:

Client: University of Lethbridge
Industry: Custom Displays & Interactive Exhibits 

Location: Lethbridge, Alberta
Timeline: 2020

The University of Lethbridge (UofL) Bookstore reached out to us with the goal of increasing sales and providing more space and a better layout for their Bookstore Team and product offerings. With two separate phases spread out over 3 years, we developed 2 unique floor plans for their rushed and general seasons, created a number of custom displays, shelving units, a custom desk with several POS systems and lots of room for product.



The first phase focussed on understanding the bookstores two different seasons, the first being the rushed season where students are getting ready for classes, and the general season when things calm down and there is more time to shop and move through the store.


Previously the bookstore's product was put on static shelving or wall displays that didn't have much flexibility. We removed that shelving, along with some of the wall displays that weren’t working, and replaced them with newly designed, modular units (various sizes and purposes) that could be moved into different positions as needs changed throughout the year. These modular units had slatwall panelling to give the Bookstore Team flexibility with different types of products (mugs, books, backpacks, UofL apparel, etc.), but also keeping a cohesive look throughout. 



The second phase was focussed on redoing the cash desk and coming up with a workstation that allowed for more staff to work at the same time (4 during the rush season and 2 during the general season). It was important to consider the ease and accessibility of the people working at the desk; the human factor and ergonomic principles were all things that were missing in their existing unit. We also wanted to offer more foot space for product displays and came up with a modular design that was cohesive with the modular displays done in the first phase. To do this we integrated new contemporary materials and finishes, along with the ones used on the display we created in Phase 1. The team can now sit or stand in comfort, with lots of well-displayed product offerings that better serve their students and customers.

If you need help bringing your vision to life or would just like some information on how to get your project off the ground send us an email at

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