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University of Calgary
Graduation Panels

Prototyping, Production Coordination with Printers, Custom Painting

The Brief:

Client: University of Calgary
Industry: Custom Displays & Interactive Exhibits 

Location: Calgary, Alberta
Timeline: 2020

After completing a History Wall for the University of Calgary in 2019, we were approached to update their Grad panel display. Westwind had been designing, producing and installing their Faculty of Law graduating class panels. In 2020 they asked us to find a way to fit more panels as they were starting to run out of space to put future classes. We wanted to show the Faculty that we could completely redesign the space, creating a new system that would be cheaper to produce and install while looking more modern all within their original budget.


The final result is a contemporary design that allows for more panels, and more graduates per panel, for many years. We have continued to work with the University of Calgary, Faculty of Law since and hope to continue working with them for many more years.

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U of C Law-1612-Pano.jpg
U of C Law-1620.jpg
U of C Law-1522.jpg
U of C Law-1539.jpg
U of C Law-1495-2.jpg
U of C Law-1444.jpg

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