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Trail Riverfront Centre 

Museum & Wayfinding

Visual Branding | Spatial Design | Custom Fabrication | Large-scale Infographic Design | Installation

The Brief:

Client: Stantec, BC & City of Trail

Industry: Custom Displays & Interactive Exhibits

Location: Trail, British Columbia

Timeline: January 2015 - April 2018

We partnered with Stantec, BC to design and develop the new Trail Riverfront Centre, and eventually continue with the fabrication and install of the custom displays, exhibits and wayfinding. This facility is unique in that it was an integration of both the Town Library and Trail Historical Society; with the museum spaces in the middle of the library areas. 


We were the advisors for the museum space requirements and storyline flow because there were two exhibit spaces. One for sports and another for the Town's history. Once we completed our general layouts and positioning for the different exhibits we worked on refining the design of both the wall graphics and custom displays. Then we moved forward into production. Handling the full fabrication and archival efforts of over 300 pieces.


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