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Sports Hall of Fame  

Travelling Exhibit 

Visual Branding | Spatial Design | Custom Fabrication | Large-scale Infographic Design | Installation

The Brief:

Client: Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame

Industry: Custom Displays & Interactive Exhibits 

Location: Regina, Saskatchewan

Timeline: February 2016 - June 2016

The Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame is a museum in Regina that honours stars born in Saskatchewan who have achieved a high level of success across different sports. The SSHOF was not content with just having a museum, they wanted to find a way to give more people access to their inductees, so we created a travelling exhibit in the back of a semi-trailer. 


This is no ordinary trailer, Inside we have floor to ceiling wall vinyl featuring pictures of the inductees, full lighting and power, game apps, and custom cases that exhibit over 300+ artefacts from the museum, in a creative and safe way. Some of the most impressive features of this exhibit are our spin units and custom sliding jersey cases, where we display 32 different jerseys that slide out from our main case to conserve space.


The trailer looks great and is efficient and functional, and has been travelling every weekend over the summer months for the last 4 years!


If you would like to read more about check out this write up by the CBC:

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