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Ralph Klein Legacy Park

Prototyping, Project Coordination, Shop Drawings, Graphic Design, Custom Fabrication, Installation

The Brief:

Client: City of Calgary 

Industry:  Custom Display & Interactive Elements

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Timeline: Phase 1-3 (2010-2013)

The mandate of The Ralph Klein Legacy Park & Environmental Education Centre, is to promote ecological literacy and action plans so citizens are better able to understand the importance of the watershed and landscape within Calgary and surrounding area. 


To do this we created structures that integrate complex information in an easy to digest manner, so as many people as possible can engage and interact with our displays in a memorable way. These exhibits range from large scale signage and hands-on interactives to wayfinding, lighting and custom structures that enhance the experience of the visitor. We combined digital and analog technologies, with different materials and finishes that were thoroughly researched and tested to provide the most sustainable, environmentally friendly space possible in this LEED Gold building.

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