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Town of Okotoks
Outdoor Panels 

Prototyping, Production Coordination with Printers, Custom Painting

The Brief:

Client: Town of Okotoks

Industry: Custom Displays & Interactive Exhibits 

Location: Okotoks, Alberta
Timeline: 2021

In 2016 we began helping the Town of Okotoks develop the interior of their Interpretive Centre ("IC"), located beside their new waste management building. This Centre helps children learn the importance of water usage and conservation in the Okotoks area.


Since then, the WWDG team has continued to expand on the IC design with planned annual project updates. (This approach is a great way to get a project to a 'dream state' over time while managing budgets and potential RFP issues). This year's phase saw the design, fabrication and installation of nine new exterior interpretive signs. These signs align with existing project phases in aesthetics and approach, unifying the Centre and the Bow River to the pathways outside.


The graphics were produced on custom dye sublimation powder-coated panels, offering a 10-year warranty. For additional beauty, the steel bases were custom designed and built using our very own Corten patina mix on steel to give the bases an aged look with a modern twist.


If you need help bringing your vision to life or would just like some information on how to get your project off the ground send us an email at

Okotoks signage Westwind Design-0209.jpg
Okotoks signage Westwind Design-0401.jpg
Okotoks signage Westwind Design-0038 (1).jpg

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