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Brookfield Residential 

Livingston Sales Centre

Visual Branding | Spatial Design | Custom Fabrication | Large-scale Infographic Design | Installation

The Brief:

Client: Brookfield Residential

Industry: Sales & Information Centre

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Timeline: 2019

During the middle of 2019 Brookfield Residential engaged us to help develop the presentation space in their new Livingston showhome. The directive for us was to create 2 feature walls based on designs from their previous showhome and HUB trailer (which we had designed in 2017) and updating it with their new branding and messaging.


Execution of this type of project can be very challenging. It's not a large space and there are many different elements that need to work together to grab the attention and communicate the information Brookfield needed the visitor to take away. We worked alongside Brookfield's marketing team to ensure the look-and-feel of the space matched their vision, understanding the flow of information and what could fit within, as well as, making sure the brand stayed consistent from their community trailer (The HUB) to their other showhomes. 

Brookfield -4565-3.jpg
Brookfield -4679.jpg
Brookfield -4700.jpg
Brookfield -4668.jpg
Brookfield -4604.jpg
Brookfield -4729.jpg
Brookfield -4621.jpg

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