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Inn From the Cold

Donor & History Wall

Visual Branding | Spatial Design | Custom Fabrication | Large-scale Infographic Design | Installation

The Brief:

Client: Inn from the Cold

Industry: Custom Displays & Interactive Exhibits

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Timeline: 2017

In 2017 Inn from the Cold, an organization dedicated to helping Calgary’s homeless population reached out to us to create a donor wall honouring those who have given over time. There are a few elements that are important for  projects like this, the first is to make sure the donor wall feels like it belongs and doesn’t feel out of place. We also had to make sure there was a hierarchy between donors giving more or less. We were lucky to have a large area to work with which meant we would have lots of space for images, and our donor panels.


Just before the donor wall was to be produced, Inn from the Cold had redone their branding, and we wanted to make sure the donor wall design reflected their new look.


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