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Harvest Medicine St. Albert 

Clinic & Custom Displays

Visual Branding | Spatial Design | Custom Fabrication | Large-scale Infographic Design | Installation

The Brief:

Client: Harvest Medicine 

Industry: Custom Displays

Location: St. Albert, Alberta

Timeline: 2017 - 2018

After the successful introduction of the original Harvest Medicine in 2017, we were tasked with creating a new location in St. Albert, Alberta. There were a lot of elements that worked well with the original Harvest, but in the time between the first location opened, and this second location entered the design phase, a lot had changed.


Harvest was now an established brand, full to capacity with patients every month, and the general public was also more aware of the information relating to cannabis. This meant we could ease off of the focus on information and understanding and focus more on the patient experience. We did this by neutralizing the colour palettes and focusing on optimizing the space. This location was smaller so it meant we had to make sure every area was utilized. 


Because we were able to design the layout, we were able to take everything from the original Harvest and reformat it into a space 1/2 the size. This ensured the same experience for the patients with a smaller cost and footprint.


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