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Town of Okotoks


Education Centre

Visual Branding | Spatial Design | Custom Fabrication | Large-scale Infographic Design | Installation

The Brief:

Client: Town of Okotoks

Industry: Custom Displays & Interactive Exhibits 

Location: Okotoks, Alberta

Timeline: 2016 - 2020

In 2016 the Town of Okotoks finished construction on a new Operations centre to combine different departments from their town under one roof. Part of the construction was to create an interpretive centre/classroom where people could come and learn about how we interact with certain environmental processes and resources.


We have continued developing this space over the last 4 years, starting with the initial interpretive centre and focusing on the information and education-based around water, climate change, water usage and natural filtration systems. We did this by combining dimensional panelling with wood finishes, wall vinyl and interactive spin units, to display a large amount of information across the centre in a bright colourful way.


In the second phase, we continued the focus on education by creating an interactive bench unit with information panels across the top and sides, hidden shelves, and a 3d river valley. The top of the bench has a graphic representing the pathway of the sheep river while tubes adhered with magnets speak to the water usage levels of different areas.


In our third phase, we tried to fill out the centre with information on climate change, starting with a “life clock” that shows the evolution of the planet and the relatively short span of time humans have been around. A climate timeline then leads people throughout the centre and breaks down specific milestones related to climate change, and culminates with our “What can you do?” climate wall. 


We have had so much fun working with Okotoks, the opportunity to create informative displays for viewers of all ages is a task we take great joy in. We are presently working on exterior signage for the Town of Okotoks so that we can bring the messaging from the centre outdoors for more people to experience.

Okotoks Interpretive Centre-9264.jpg
Okotoks Interpretive Centre-9131.jpg
Okotoks Interpretive Centre-9075.jpg
Okotoks Interpretive-5855.jpg
Okotoks Interpretive-5715.jpg
Operations-Mural Town of
Operations-Mural Town of

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