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Calgary Co-op
Backlit Displays

Prototyping, Production Coordination with Printers, Custom Painting

The Brief:

Client: Co-op
Industry: Custom Displays & Interactive Exhibits 

Location: Calgary, Alberta
Timeline: 2015

Calgary Co-op approached us in 2015 to create a display that would stand out and help people navigate their store, with a limited budget. For this project we were able to use our custom-built Sigbbright panels. With lights embedded inside the frames, and aHi-res image printed on the front, these signs stand out in any location. These Signbright panels work well against the darker wall background providing contrast and are easily seen from any position in the store, helping customers find their way through different sections.

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Coop Westwind Design-5384.jpg
Coop Westwind Design-5642.jpg
Coop Westwind Design-5498.jpg
Coop Westwind Design-5539.jpg
Coop Westwind Design-5561-Edit.jpg
Coop Westwind Design-5412.jpg
Coop Westwind Design-5567.jpg

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