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Brookfield Residential 

Material Display

Visual Branding | Spatial Design | Custom Fabrication | Large-scale Infographic Design | Installation

The Brief:

Client: Brookfield Residential

Industry: Custom Displays & Interactive Exhibits

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Timeline: 2018

We’ve worked with Brookfield Residential several times on a variety of different projects, from sales centres and sliding display to mall kiosks. In this case we were tasked with creating an exciting entrance area to their new sales centre. To do this we had to create a style combination from two different sales centres, to create 1 unique cohesive look.


To do this we used the colours and finishes from the first design along with and old shiplap wall, and combined it with the structures and shapes of the second. We worked with Brookfield to make sure all important information was displayed, using a combination of wall vinyl, dimensional lettering, high resolution imagery, and gold reflective vinyl in uniques shapes to create a clean display that was beautiful and informational.


The final product reflects the thigh quality that is synonymous with a company like Brookfield, and another finished project in a strong relationship built on hard work, dedication and communication.

Westwind Design-381_preview.jpg
Westwind Design-416_preview.jpg
Westwind Design-403_preview.jpg
Westwind Design-473_preview.jpg
Westwind Design-438_preview.jpg

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